5 In 1 Car Headlight Polish & Cleaning Kit for Repair and Renovation

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In addition to dust, automotive glass, includes insects, sludge, asphalt, salt and alkali, tree sticks, fingerprints, soot, plastic volatiles and so on.

This kit is a high-performance Headlight cleaning agent. It is very convenient to use and can easily remove the glass oil film and insect traces. This product is suitable for daily cleaning and care of all kinds of imported and domestic high-class cars.

This product is suitable for above zero degrees Celsius. 

Used with car headlight repair fluid


Instructions for use:

  1. Apply tape around the light
  2. Grinding and polishing lamps with 2000# sandpaper (headlights wear, must be polished step by step: first use 400# sandpaper, then use 1000# sandpaper, and finally use 2000# sandpaper)
  3. Clean and dry the bulb

Evenly replacing the bulb means the bulb is waiting to dry
You can perfectly renovate the lights of your car.

Package Includes:

1 x Tape
1 x Rag
2 x 2000# sandpaper
1 x 1000# sandpaper
1 x 400# sandpaper


Item Type: Headlight Cleaning
Special Features: Clean and dry the bulb

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