2 Pieces of 14 LED Arrow Panel For Car Rearview Mirror Signal Indicator

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Product Description

2 Pieces of 14 Ultra Bright Technology SMD LED each as an arrow panel for car rearview mirror indicator turn signal light car
LED rearview mirror light car accessories for replacement of turn signal light, corner light, parking light, side marker light, tail light, and backup lights, etc.
Comfort Wheels LED bulbs are known for using superior SMD bulbs that perform
Ultra Bright Technology LED is used inside of vehicles and license plates of most vehicles
Low Power Consumption; Long-lasting Life



  • Color: Blue / Red / Yellow / White / Green
  • Lighting angle: Arrow
  • Faster on/off response time
  • 14 pieces SMD LED lights
  • Long life time: Life expectancy up to 50,000 hrs
  • low power consumption: less than 1W
  • New LED (Light Emitting Diode) technolgy reduces power consumption from 40% to 80%
  • High quality super bright LED bulbs
  • Universal fit for interior step, trunk, map and dome lights
  • Easy to install, Direct replacement, no wiring needed
  • Only require right connect to the positive (+) and negative (-) side
  • Universal Fit for most Cars, SUVs and Trucks


Package includes

2 x 14 SMD LED Arrow Panel for Car Rear View Mirror Indicator Turn Signal Light



Highly recommend professional installation since it requires opening up the entire side mirror.

  1. Remove the side mirror;
  2. Place the sequential item against the back of themirror;
  3. Connect and tape the wire to the turn signal light; arrow will light upwhen the turn signal light is in operation, or it will remain invisible.



Item: LED Rearview mirror light
Use: Universal Fit for most Cars, SUVs and Trucks
Long life time : Life expectancy up to 50,000 hrs
Light: 14 pieces SMD LED lights
Type: Faster on/off response time
Color: Blue / Red / Yellow / White / Green
low power consumption : Less than 1W
Package includes: : 2 x (1 pair) LED lamps


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