5 Pieces Car Windshield Glass Washer Cleaner Compact Effervescent Tablets Detergent

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In addition to dust, automotive glass, includes insects, sludge, asphalt, salt and alkali, tree sticks, fingerprints, soot, plastic volatiles and so on.

This product is a high-performance cleaning agent. It is directly mixed with clean water and added to the wiper kettle. It is very convenient to use and can easily remove the glass oil film and insect traces. This product has a lubricating effect on the wiper rubber skin and has anti-aging function to maintain flexibility and prolong its service life. This product is suitable for daily cleaning and care of all kinds of imported and domestic high-class cars.

Clean and decontaminate, reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass, and protect it.

This product is suitable for above zero degrees Celsius. Open the hood of the car, find the wiper tank, fill the tank with water, add a piece of wiper (if the glass is too dirty, it is recommended to add 2 pieces), wait for 5 minutes and then use it normally.

A piece of conventional water can be exchanged with 4L of water. According to the normal volume of the liquid storage tank, it is a piece of water, which can replace and be superior to traditional glass water!


Package Include: 5 Pieces of Cleaning Agent Tabs 
Item Type: Window Cleaning
Special Features: Concentrate cleaner for windshield
Material Type: Cleaning Effervescent
Type: Antifreeze
Shelf Life: 3 years
Concentrated: Yes
Item Weight: 40g
Single piece size: 2 x 1cm
Item Volume: A tab is equal to 4 liters of general water wiper

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